A few changes and Lumen II


Dear readers,

Yes, we’re still here… And we’d like to inform you of a few changes.

First, “Notes from Lumen” has now replaced the original site feed. So kindly update your bookmarks and readers to this blog to keep abreast of our announcements.

Second, our main site will now be taken down temporarily in order to carry out an extensive redesign. It will, however, be relaunched with a new issue later this year in 2015. We promise.

Third, a ‘heads up’ on what Lumen II will in part feature: a dossier on the cinema of Peter Nestler, a collection of impressions on Jacques Rancière’s monograph, Béla Tarr, The Time After, and an exclusive screening that we have custom subbed (title to be announced at launch).

See you in good time,

Lumen Journal eds.