Screenings: touring 35mm print of Sátántangó


A Nos Amours is delighted to present with Scalarama Béla Tarr’s touchstone of durational cinema – Sátántangó. This legendary film, running at 432 minutes – or 7 hours 12 minutes! – deals with the collapse of a collectivised Soviet-era farm in rural Hungary. There is the scent of money in the air, as much as in chaotic and changeable times, a yearning for meaning and salvation. Who follows who and why are wonderfully uncertain, while landscape and topography and a terrifying wind are as much the eventual masters of the situation. Signature long takes, often as long as a 10 minute roll of film allows, combined with camera choreography offer a sublime cinema experience. To commit to Sátántangó is to commit to the unforgettable and life-changing: you will have reached the outer limits of cinema. A national tour of a brand new 35mm print.

See here for more details. A good opportunity also to refresh your memories of this unique work, ahead of the collected Rancière-Tarr reflections in the upcoming issue of Lumen this Winter in 2015.