Rancière in London; Lumen update


As previously stated, we had intended Lumen II to emerge before the end of 2014; unfortunately that time has elapsed, but rest assured that it’ll be along in 2015. Soon!

Of interest, in relation to our attention to Jacques Rancière in Lumen II: the A Nos Amours collective have organised a couple of events (involving a screening, lecture and panel discussion) with Rancière to mark the English publication of The Intervals of Cinema (Verso, 2014). Both events, taking place at the end of this week, are currently sold out; however some returns will be coming up, available via a waiting list. The Saturday event will be recorded and made available online. In outline:

Intervals of Cinema I: Rancière and Bresson in Dialogue
Friday 30th January, 2015 – 5.30pm-8.30pm
King’s College London
A screening of Robert Bresson’s Mouchette, followed by a discussion by Rancière of the film. Chair/Discussant: Mark Betz of King’s College London.

Intervals of Cinema II: Rancière and Cinephilia in London
Saturday 31 January – 1pm-4.00pm
Birkbeck College
Jacques Rancière will be joined at Birkbeck by specialists in cinephilia, Catherine Grant and Erika Balsom, in a discussion with screenings chaired by Oliver Davis. The meaning of cinephilia within Jacques Rancière’s life and work will be explored, as will its relevance today in London and elsewhere.

As an accompaniment, we would also strongly recommend reading Lumen II contributor Tristan Burke on The Intervals of Cinema in 3:AM Magazine!