it is some­thing invis­i­ble

Matthew Swiezyn­ski


The work for this video started by using a cam­era to col­lect images of trees using a method inspired by the films of Michael Snow, Kirston Lightowler and Stan Brakhage. This method involves spin­ning a cam­era around in the woods for as long as the body can tol­er­ate (6090 sec­onds), and then using a com­puter to layer and extend the raw footage. One way to think about the film is of a cam­era gath­er­ing small frag­ments of time from a for­est that exists in larger peri­ods of time (the life of the for­est), and stretch­ing these moments into some­thing more appro­pri­ate: to what the trees would per­ceive, rather than some­one pass­ing through them.

N.B. This video con­tains no sound.


Matthew Swiezyn­ski cur­rently resides in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia, and occu­pies his time work­ing for the music/​dvd label Invis­i­ble Birds and the web­site The Art of Mem­ory. His work uses sound and video to cap­ture “ingent­ing”, or, what is not vis­i­ble to the naked eye or ear — noth­ing­ness, in the tra­di­tion of the Roman­tics and their obser­va­tions of Nature.